How New MacBook M1 Completely Changed my Life

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This is really interesting, how our life can change. My first Apple device is iPod Touch, 4th generation. I exchanged my PlayStation 2 to this one. And it’s still works. When I remember those old times, I had already knew, that I will have Mac. I had a goal to buy MacBook. 7 years passed and now I’m making review of this MacBook Air on M1-chip.

Everyone had already said about all advantages and problems of this M1-machine. I will speak how this thing completely changed my life and workflow.

Image of M1-chip by Apple

Apple is one of the leaders in mobile chip development and they made a revolution last year. Right now this little kid named M1 system on chip can destroy big Intel and AMD CPU-family. Even without fans M1 MacBook Air crashes a lot of Windows machines.

I used Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro for two years and I really like this laptop. But today it feels like old rusty car from previous century. I think, this is a perfect time to jump right into MacOS. This is my first Mac and it’s really impressing.

I used to use external mouse, external display, external speakers, external hard drive, external everything. As for me, it’s a really bad idea to buy laptop with a lot of accessories because laptop works bad without any additional devices. One thing that you need is USB-hub, well, you know. World lives with Type-C for 5 years, but it’s still a painful topic for everyone.

And we have fresh rumours about new Mac with HDMI and SD card slot. If this information is true, you can throw away this hubs too.

No doubts that Macbook has perfect screen, keyboard, touchpad, speakers. It just works for you.

Just sit and work for whole day, even on weekends

I found that I started working much more. it’s so easy to do this. You haven’t these distractions like freezes, bad UI, broken synchronisation between devices. And Apple’s magical ecosystem is entering this chat. Airdrop, unlocking with your Watch, receiving calls on Mac, mobile hotspot in one click. And a lot of different small hints in MacOS itself that optimise your workflow. I don’t feel tired from working a whole 8–10 hours using MacBook.

I rarely take my old 15-inch laptop outside for working or studying, maybe, in university, coffee house or even for standing up working at home. Completely new experience. Only now I can accept this advantage.

My friend make this hand-made leather case. It’s so easy to take Mac to another place and don’t worry about battery life

You already know that Mac’s with Intel i9 can’t beat Apple Silicon. And with M1 you can work a whole day with difficult tasks like video and photo editing, photoshoping some stuff and playing games like Disco Elysium. Well, it’s shocking. I used my old laptop only plugged in and this unexpected freedom is amazing.

This is the perfect time to leave your Windows machine and switch to MacOS. Maybe, wait for M1X or M2 chip, because first generation has some non-critical issues. If you have any question about this beast, leave a comment below. And what do you think, when can we come to Intel’s funeral?

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